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    Main Characteristics Of PMMA Light Guide Plate

    View: 35114/06/2019  

    The use of PMMA LGP is naturally determined by its characteristics. Do you know why the PMMA LGP can be used in a line of lighting industry? Below, let's introduce some of the main features about it.

    1. Control the direction of light, increase brightness and uniformity of surface brightness.

    2. We currently use the flat LGP for the purpose of reducing the thickness of the backlight board, to meet Notebook PC light and small demand.

    3. The role is to spread the CCFL light evenly scattered on the LCD Panel.

    4. The printing distribution is from CCFL, from small to big, from sparse to dense expansion.

    That is, PMMA light guide plate is able to play a role, which is according to some of its characteristics expansion.


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